Sinai Mountain Ramblers
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Sinai Mountain Ramblers concert at The Green Bean!

Here are some recordings of Sinai Mountain Ramblers from various sources:
Shabbos Nigun.mp3
Golden Wedding.mp3
Der Rebbe.mp3
L'Cha Dodi.mp3
Rebbe Tantz.mp3
Dona Dona with Emily Siar.mp3

    In 1997, three friends who played string instruments and shared a common interest in learning traditional Jewish folk music began getting together on Sunday mornings. From this seed, a band has grown and the Sinai Mountain Ramblers are proud to call themselves "The only Klezmer band in Guilford County."
Clarinet was added to the original string trio in 1999. This really filled out the sound and allowed the band to dramatically expand its repertoire.
    Performances by the Sinai Mountain Ramblers includes lots of traditional Klezmer tunes from Eastern Europe as well as original compositions and contemporary Jewish folk songs. The group has performed for dances and concerts at restaurant/coffee houses, private parties, music festival street scenes, and religious services as well as nursing homes and various fund raisers and benefit concerts.

    In 2001, the band traveled together to study music at Klez-Kanada north of Montreal with some of the world's best Klezmer instructors. The group has also performed in concert with nationally known touring artists Michael Alpert of New York, Sam Glaser of Los Angeles, Jack Gabriel of Denver, and Jukie Silver.
    The unique sound of the band can be traced to their diverse musical roots and influences which include dixieland jazz, folk, blues, swing, classical, bluegrass, old-time and rock. Whether playing an instrumental piece or singing in Hebrew, English, or Yiddish, the group has a way of playing real authentic Jewish music in a style that is very accessible to the average listener. Live performances by the Sinai Mountain Ramblers include a cross section
of material that is, at various times  humorous, spiritual, danceable and just plain fun.

Band members include:
Gary Silverstein-mandolin
Kurt Lauenstein-cello
Rich Lerner-guitar & percussion
Paul Fribush-clarinet & tsimbol


Read the Yes! Weekly article about the Saturday January 28
Sinai Mountain Ramblers concert at The Green Bean!